Dynamic Simulations

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Past Conference : China (Changsha) PBCTE - China Construction 4.0 - November 28-30, 2017, Changsha, China

Venue: changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center, Hunan Province, China

Presentation : Dynamic Simulation - A Powerful Tool to Predict Urban Development (by Valerie GACOGNE)

Past Conference: 9th FCPAE Europe Forum "Smart City, Green Life" - September 25-26, 2017, Paris, France

Federation of Chinese Professional Associations in Europe (FCPAE)

Presentation : Interactive and Dynamic Computer Simulations for Sustainable Urban Development (by Valerie GACOGNE)

System dynamics can be defined as a methodology and a computer simulation technique to monitor complex systems. It is the perfect tool to use for topics dealing with sustainability and strategic urban issues. Recent breakthrough in computer science has considerably enhanced the capabilities of system dynamics models. Friendly interactive simulation environments can be designed and run online. Those interfaces allow to run in the background the multiple variables, data, integro-differential equations and non-linearities needed to support all complex systems. These models empower elected officials and urban policy executives to make educated decisions. We made live demonstrations of models accessible on the Complexio website during the presentation.



Valerie GACOGNE (see linkedin profile)

e-mail: | Twitter: @ValGacogne

Dr. Valerie GACOGNE is the founder of Complexio. She holds a PhD from the French engineering school Ecole des Ponts ParisTech. She has more than 20 years business and research experience in developing computer simulation models dedicated to complex systems and the System Dynamics (SD) methodology. She is an expert researcher and has completed a number of research grants in various fields such as economics, transports, urban planning, public policies. She has been involved in many European research consortia since 1998.


Dr. Valerie Gacogne also has a solid academic background in teaching college level courses in System Dynamics (since 2000) and training engineers and researchers to use and develop SD models. She leads courses in France and other foreign countries (as in Beijing in 2011 and 2012).


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